The meaning of Ananta is to be limitless. And that is how we translate this retreat to be:

Limitless in love.

Limitless in health.

Limitless in joy.


It all started with a passion and a plight. Ananta is an answer to the rising burden of the urban warrior. .

It has long been known that yoga, meditation and other ancient techniques are able to transform stress ridden individuals to unconquerable forces.


Ananta Yoga & Wellness Retreat is an experience created to transform individuals in deep cleansing through a unique program of Yoga, Meditation, Sadhanas, Nutrition and the most important ingredient in the recipe, Joy.


Ananta is about experiencing our bodies and senses.

The overall awareness of the body, breath and surroundings increases by leaps and bounds. We learn to be more present in the moment, hence savoring it that much more. It's as if we tap into the spring or fountain of joy thats deep within us all and learn to celebrate moment to moment.....