Benefits From The Retreat

  1. Several different sequences of postures for toning and strengthening the whole body. These sequences are very effective, and yet so gentle that anyone can do them. With regular practice, in addition to making body stronger and more flexible, they help eliminate or reduce chronic pains in the body.
  2. A unique process SAHC (strengthening and healing contractions) to strengthen and relax each part of the body.
  3. Cleansing processes to eliminate stored toxins in the body for improving bodily functions.
  4. Breathing exercises to strengthen the lungs and improve lung capacity.
  5. Simple processes to reduce stored tension and stresses in the mind.
  6. Guided deep relaxation that provide soothing and rest to body and mind.
  7. Simple and Practical wisdom for living a healthier, happier, and more meaningful life, plus much more.
  8. What we eat affects both our bodies and minds. In this course, we will be learning simple and practical tips for cooking and eating healthier. We will also learn about the foods that enhance and increase the prana (life force) in us, and how the mental attitude while cooking can affect the prana in the food. We will also be touching on the basics of Ayurvedic Cooking.
  9. In the first day as we accustom ourselves to the lovely environment and ambiance of the place, we embark on some detox techniques so as to feel much lighter in the body. Even as some of us maybe new to these ancient yogic cleansing processes, they are introduced and taught in an easy and comfortable manner.
  10. As we start feeling much lighter in the body from the second day onwards, the mind too starts getting clearer as we do the sequence of postures with new postures being added on gradually, effortlessly and most important joyfully!
  11. It is not the quantity of asanas done but the quality ie. even 1 asana when held and done properly can instantly energize each cell in the body. Hence it may seem at times, that the sequence of postures done maybe very few but the impact on the body and particularly the mind level will be deeply felt.
  12. Yoga is much more than asanas, hence there is a balance in that breathing exercises and different types of meditation processes will be taught over the days. As the days go by, new knowledge of the impact of asanas, contractions and breathing exercises slowly dawn in one. Most importantly awareness as to the effect of asanas, breathing exercises and various cleansing processes are explained and experienced almost immediately.
  13. As each day goes by, the knowledge and practical tips of wisdom start sinking deep within and as questions dawn within us or reflections on our lifestyle surface, they are answered almost immediately with ease and experience.
  14. By the third day, we start exploring and improving the range of motion of our joints. We also engage in some strengthening exercises in the various sequences (Some asanas are done with light weights to slowly strengthen).
  15. Better alignment of postures in everyone will also be practiced on Day 4. Hence how to correct and do basic postures effectively will be taught then.
  16. Meditations too especially after the yoga sequences become deeper as the mind slowly starts to settle with the passing of each day.

Overall one will feel and experience deep and blissful rest