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The World of Krishanji

Krishan Verma has been a student of yoga for the past 35 years and a teacher for the past 20. Through his mastery of yoga, his knowledge and most importantly, his teaching methodology, he brings out the best in his students. He ensures that each student experiences the effortless union of body, mind and spirit in his programs. The student emerges rejuvenated and serenely dynamic. Under his tutelage, thousands of teachers now spread the knowledge of yoga all around the world.

His message is always practical and relevant to daily life. He is a father of two and a professional Electrical Engineer, having graduated from the Technical University of Nova Scotia in Canada in 1976. He resigned from his position as a Senior Engineer with the Government of Canada in 2001, to devote his full time to the Art of Living Foundation and the study of yoga.

Experience with Krishanji

In 2001, Krishan became the director of the newly founded Sri Sri Yoga and started teaching this new, beautifully balanced approach to yoga around the world. As a shining example of discipline and teaching excellence, his Spiritual Master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar conferred onto him the title of “Yogacharya”. He is also a graduate of Shivananda’s advanced yoga teacher training program with the titles of “Yoga Shiromani” and “Yogacharya”.

He served as the President of the Art of Living Foundation in Canada for five years and the the Director of Yoga Research and Training, VVM India for 10 years. Apart from teaching Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Training Programs and advanced yoga programs, he also teaches many other Art of Living breathing and meditation programs. 

Krishanji has trained more than 2,000 yoga teachers all around the world, including Canada, the US, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Germany, the UK, Italy, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Botswana, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, China and Australia.