My experience with this therapeutic yoga course was for more profound that I expected. I came into this course with very little knowledge and practice, and find myself very inspired to keep a discipline and a practice, not only for my body but for my mind and spirit. I found myself deeply connecting with the meditations, which where exactly what I needed in response to recent events in my life, I feel much more free from my past and struggles and find myself lighter and stronger to carry myself into the future.

Kavitha aravindhan


After attending the Therapeutic Yoga course with Krishanji, I feel empowered to go forward in my life with purpose, to let the past go which has been holding me back.  I now have the tools to deal with my mind and body. I have hope! 



This has been a wholesome yoga experience. I felt the upliftment at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. I felt 80% improvement on my bodily aches and pains. Mentally I felt very light and cleansed. Wonderful meditations. It was amazing to experience the body, mind and spirit connections. This is a must do course for me on a regular basis. It was a lot of fun as well. 

Hansa dave

- taiwan


I thoroughly enjoyed the realm of asana during these 10 days, and my mind was so peaceful and serene during those difficult asana, my mind was actually smiling… it was really wonderful.


- kuala lampur

This was the best among all the courses that I have attended. During the course, what taught by Krishanji was indeed very simple and practical. What we need to do was just simply to follow the instructions and to experience them, and we will be happy. During the class, his meek guidance and explanation have helped answered a lot of my doubts and relieved my stress. The flow of the entire course was very beautiful and despite the sweat of hardship, I felt accomplished. My mind was getting more relaxed and joyful. However, time flies and I was reluctant to leave at the end. In the company of Krishanji, I was overwhelmed with love and gratitude, especially during satsang. The atmosphere and my inner self were so beautiful and I felt blessed and grateful. I was in tears during all the satsangs.